The Bonoi Academy of Science & Education (BASE) is consisted of different professional science divisions that devote to promoting advancement of science and constructing future foundation, and education centers that focus on developing and distributing science knowledge to the far corner of the world. Each division or center belongs to the BASE as a subcommittee that is composed of director, co-director, standing committee, and office members. All divisions and centers have the rights to perform themselves, but it should be under the name of the BASE.

Subcommittee Member Enrollment

The Bonoi Academy of Science & Education (BASE) is composed of 20 different scientific and educational divisions. All these divisions are consisted of Director, Co-Director, Standing Committee, and Office Members. Some of the divisions are enrolling above positions. If you are interested in science or education work and if you think that is of great value for your career development, please send us your application asap. Given the BASE is a non-profitable organization, these positions then are also non-profitable, the BASE is not responsible for the salary or any other benefits. If you are approved as a member of one of the subcommittees, you automatically become a member of the BASE, which means you do not need to pay for the membership fees during the term. Of course, you are also eligible for applying for the BASE awards and funding, and also suitable for the member benefits. Come on with us to spread science knowledge to the far corner of the world by education.

You can apply through our online application system below: